Voguing with Beethoven

Directed by Emilie Norenberg

DP: Andreas Johannessen
Produced by Lise Schelvan // Willy Nikkers

In connection to Beethoven’s 250th jubilee, high culture meets sub culture in this short film about identity and belonging presented by the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra.


Directed by Thea Hvistendal

DP: Pål Ulvik Rokseth
Produced by Mari Jørgensen & Marie Stang // Drama Einar

Festivals: Winner of the GNIST Prize at Grimstad International Short Film Festival 2020

The body goes through dramatic changes during puberty, but what if it changes more than usual? A film about the loneliness, pain and confusion Sophie (16) experiences after a major trauma.


Directed by Mattis Goksøyr

DP: Benjamin Mosli
Produced by Henrik Zwart

Web Premiere at
Directors Notes

When a Danish Palestinian boy goes home with a girl he’s been flirting with, what should be a fun carefree hookup becomes mired in the resentments and societal boundaries of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict when he discovers her Jewish heritage.

Good Luck

Directed by Mattis Goksøyr

DP: Emil Gurvin
Produced by Henrik Zwart

What happened to Helene yesterday? She remembers nothing. When Patrick tries to explain, it leads only to misunderstanding. That quickly turn into suspicion.